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A beautiful foot is a pain-free foot

About a score of my 1,000 patients per year visit me convinced they must have bunion surgery. Trouble is, it's often family members, or regrettably, even doctors who are doing the convincing, not the patients themselves.

If your bunion doesn't hurt while walking in shoes which fit reasonably, if your bunion doesn't hurt or inhibit you from doing the sports you want to do, it's a part of your body which is functioning perfectly. If it only hurts when you have tight, pointy, or exceptionally high-heel shoes on, that's not an indication for surgery on a normal joint. Surgery may actually reduce the ability of your big toe joint to accommodate to the requirements of a high-heeled shoe. I don't believe in operating on well-functioning joints.

If your bunion bothers you in non-tight shoes, or during mild activity like walking in well-fit shoes, and has not responded favorably to correctly thought-out orthotics or other case-sensible conservative treatment, then you may be a candidate for surgery.

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